I keep getting "No Data" even though tickers are correct

Below are some of the most common causes for a cell returning "No Data".

1) Not using double quotes around the data argument

The add-on's formulas require a data argument to return data. The data argument accepts two formats, either as a cell reference or as a string. If using a string, the argument needs to be surrounded by plain-text double quotes (" ").

If the argument doesn't have any quotes around it, uses single quotes (' '), or uses stylized double quotes (“ ”) then the formula will not be able to read the argument correctly and return "No Data".

2) Incorrect cell reference

If you are using a cell reference as the data argument in a formula and are getting "No Data", check to make sure the cell  you are referencing has a string in it. The string in a cell should not have double quotes around it and instead just be a plain string of text like regularMarketPrice (without the italics).

3) Misspelled data argument

Check to make sure the data argument you are supplying to the formula is spelled correctly. To check your spelling, use our documentation as a reference. The easiest way to make sure your data argument is spelled correctly is to copy and paste it directly from the documentation site into the formula. But make sure the argument doesn't contain any spaces and is surrounded by plain-text double quotes (see above).

4) There isn't data available for that ticker

It's possible that the add-on just doesn't have the specific data you are looking for. For example, some companies do not report certain pieces of data, therefore, the add-on will return "No data" even if other tickers have data for that piece of information.

There are other scenarios where data will not be found too. Here's a list of data known to not be provided by the add-on:

  • ETFs and Mutual Funds: ETFs and Mutual Funds will not return data for Financial Data, Income Statements, Balance Sheet Statements, Cash Flow Statements, and Options Data. They will also be limited (only market data) in what is returned for Key Statistics and Fundamental data.
  • International Stock Exchanges: It's possible that some data is missing for stocks that are listed on foreign exchanges (non-US based).

If you are still having issues, please contact support@sheetsmarketdata.com.

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