How do I install the add-on?

To use the Sheets Market Data Add-on in Google Sheets, follow the instructions below.
1) Go to the Add-ons menu and click on Get add-ons…


2) In the Add-ons panel, search for sheetsmarketdata, click on + FREE to install it:

3) Select under which Google account you want to install it:

4) Review the permissions and click on Allow.

5) Make sure the add-on is activated in your sheet:
  •  Go to Add-on > Sheets Market Data > Help
  • Click on View in store, then click on Manage and check Use in this document:

6) And that’s it! Now you can use all the available functions in your spreadsheet. Try it out by typing =STOCK_FINANCIAL_DATA("GOOG", "regularMarketPrice") into an empty cell.
Note:  If things seem to be missing, like the add-ons menu items, or the functions aren't autocompleting when you type them into your spreadsheet, you may have to refresh your browser page to make sure the add-on fully loads.


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